Be More Than Just Friends: Deliver Better Mobile Experiences for Your Customers

There is more to delivering a good mobile user experience than re purposing a website in a responsive template. Mobile changes the way people access and interact with online content: both as a result of the form and functionality of the device used and through the context in which information is being viewed – during transit, in store, on the road, in the moment.

Whether it’s a desire to save money, time or simply being compelled to “act now”, many businesses take a short-sighted approach when updating their websites to be “optimised” for mobile users.

Yes, making sure your website meets best practice and is “mobile friendly” is an important step – as it ensures a website is easier to navigate and existing content is accessible and fast to load across devices.

Given customers are just, if not more likely, to engage online with your businesses on a mobile device than a desktop computer just being “friendly” is no longer enough.

Digital analyst Brian Solis argues mobile should be brought to the “forefront of digital design”, given the reality that mobile has and continues to change how customers discover and engage with companies online.

Mobile is not only reshaping the consumer journey, it is rebooting the entire consumer experience in the process. How and when consumers transact with brands throughout the lifecycle is also moving to the small screen — from research to purchase, to service and support, through loyalty and advocacy.

When approaching the design of a new website businesses need to think beyond meeting a list of best practices. Ask how the intentions, likes, and objections of new and existing customers change as they change device? Use this information to inform your decisions and create experiences that truly meet the needs of users as they engage with your services online.