The Insurance Sector Needs to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

The Insurance sector was frequently nominated by Australians as an industry offering the worst digital experiences says the "Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2014" report.

Based on a survey of 1,500 Australians, interviews with 167 Opinion Leaders and in-depth interviews with senior digital strategy leaders, the report aims to shine a “spotlight” on Australian consumers to capture and understand their digital consumption and behaviours, as well as their attitudes and experiences in the digital age”.

Only 2% of consumers selected Insurance as a sector that provided the best digital experiences, ranked equal last of 23 industry sectors/categories included in the survey. 17% of consumers nominated insurance as a sector that offers the worst digital experiences.

The major contributor to negative sentiment were sites that were identified as “not intuitive or user friendly”. With users accessing the web from an increasing number of devices, ensuring your site works on a desktop alone will no longer address this issue. Content pages, quotation forms, online applications and purchase facilities need to be easy-to-use and fast-to-load across all devices.

In regards to factors that lead positive user experiences, the list included some obvious results – with ease of navigation, the ability to process safe and secure transactions and easy to find product information, nominated by the bulk of respondents.

Other responses suggest the expectation consumers have of their interactions with companies online are not being met by the Insurance sector. Both “enabling ordering and purchasing to be handled online” and “having an easy process to buying goods and services” were marked as either very or fairly important for organisations that wish to provide high quality digital experiences.

The low ranking of the insurance sector in this study suggests that many insurance companies fail to offer opportunities to customise, purchase and manage policies online. The negative sentiment expressed, suggests there is an opportunity for companies willing to invest in digital to gain competitive advantage - as the report states to “differentiate by challenging conventions in their category”. Companies that address these concerns and capitalise on the opportunity digital presents to not only promote services to online audiences, but to convert them into customers will have an advantage in the sector.

Click here to view the Digital Australia: State Of The Nation 2014 report online.