During the liquidation of a major global financial derivatives broker the client gained access to electronic communication details and authority for the company’s creditor list. With a mandate to maximise dividends this presented an opportunity to reduce disbursement costs by facilitating mandatory communication using email.

Concerns around privacy and information sovereignty imposed significant limitations on process and infrastructure. Success depended on finding a vendor with the right security framework as well as infrastructure capable of guaranteed deliverability.


In consultation with the client an execution model was developed which guaranteed flexibility, expediency and compliance with relevant legislation and company policy. Infrastructure was provisioned to ensure redundancy and required response times and Aptiture’s digital distribution process was adapted to meet the additional requirements of the client.

During the campaign the client maintained control over content, scheduling and cost, while having access to a distribution platform, reporting on delivery rates as well as consultative input from the vendor on a bespoke basis.


  • Process Engineering
  • Template Development
  • Security Audit
  • Deliverability SLA
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Bulk Email Distribution
  • Metric Analysis

The successful execution of the initiative produced a number of benefits for the client

  • 157K
    digital documents delivered
  • 99.7%
    email client compatibility
  • $168K
    est. cost savings