With access to a large and diverse membership database diversification across multiple product streams is a key objective for most health insurers. However, previous attempts by Medibank to cross-sell products through traditional marketing and sales channels had not delivered satisfactory results.

A fresh approach was sought that would increase conversion rates by leverage existing member information, while also delivering a low cost per acquisition by using digital marketing techniques.


An assessment based on segmentation data, brand alignment and strength of value proposition identified pet and travel insurance as the strongest candidates for a new EDM campaign aimed at existing Medibank members.

A series of new mobile responsive email templates were developed targeting a limited member segment based on a young and progressive demographic profile. The campaign delivered a significant improvement in diversified sales and formed the basis of future initiatives.


  • Responsive Email Design
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Database Segmentation
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Bulk Email Distribution
  • Metric Analysis

The successful execution of the new campaign delivered several benefits to Medibank.

  • 98.6%
    email client compatibility
  • 99.8%
    delivery rate
  • 19%
    email response rate
  • 1.5%
    conversion rate